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Apr 25, Health Atlas

Health Atlas

You may have noticed a recent article posted by the BBC about a new health atlas of the UK by the University of Southampton. It shows how environmental factors can impact peoples health across the country.

It seems negative environmental factors can affect a persons health, but one of the reports authors, Professor David Coggon says that “people should not focus on environmental factors, but instead eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and avoid smoking, excessive alcohol, and “unnecessarily risky” behaviours such as dangerous driving.”

We fully endorse this ! See the full article here

Apr 4, Oceans Are Full Of Trash

Oceans Are Full Of Trash

The search for Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has given more evidence that the worlds oceans are full of plastic and rubbish.

Kathleen Dohan of Earth & Space Research in Seattle has been interviewed by Laurer Parker of National Geographic. The interview confirms the importance of the work being done by The Clean Oceans Project to raise awareness and find solutions for this global problem.

See the full article here