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Feb 25, My Fab Fashion Finds

My Fab Fashion Finds

We’re attracting quite a lot of interest from the blogging community in Italy, and we’re pleased to say its all rather good.

Martina does an Italian blog called My Fab Fashion Blog which covers beauty and skincare. We think our Rose, Almond & Goji Berry Hand & Body Lotions performs well and has a beautiful fragrance and Martina agrees with comments such as, “…the fragrance is like heaven” and “…the cream has a perfect consistency“.

See the full review here or click the image below.

Feb 22, The Cheltonian

The Cheltonian

Upmarket magazine from Cheltenham included our Rice Bran & Borage Seed Cleansing Oil on page 47 of the February edition of its online e-magazine. “….this range of products is one to watch“, we think so too, we plan to release more products and help our causes in exciting ways this year.

See the e-magazine here or click the image below.

Feb 18, Rambling Beauty

Rambling Beauty

Milda has reviewed our products before. Ok, yes, we’re delighted she’s a fan but even we were really pleased with the review Milda has just published on her blog for our new Cleansing Oil.

We do get the strong impression that Cleansing Oils have not been tried by too many people and we’ve found, since launching the product with Amazing PR, that people who are not familiar with Cleansing Oils have really taken to ours.

Of course, we’re confident that all our products will be liked just as much, but it will take time….

See the full review here or by clicking the image below.

Feb 15, Anna Marie Instagram Post

Anna Marie Instagram Post

We met Anna on Instagram, she likes green tea so we introduced her to our Avocado & Green Tea Cleansing Lotion. She loved it !

Like all our cleansers, the Avocado & Green Tea does a good job of cleaning away make up when used with a fresh cotton pad, treats the skin very gently and leaves it feeling moisturised and refreshed.

It is actually very encouraging when people discover us and really like what we do. Thanks Anna.

See the Instagram post here or click the image below.

Feb 10, Florence & Mary Great Review

Florence & Mary Great Review

It’s really encouraging when someone does a well considered review and that’s what Victoria has done here. Micellar waters seem to be the new thing, but we believe in keeping things simple and getting back to basics and that’s we’ve done with our 100% natural Cleaning Oil, and Victoria seems to agree.

Our Rice Bran & Borage Seed Cleansing Oil leaves the skin clean, refreshed and moisturised. And on top of that we sponsor Clean Oceans International and on top of even that we’re affiliated with One Fight. Unit. See who else is affiliated with them here.

See Victoria full review here or by clicking the image below.



Feb 10, BBM Live

BBM Live

When somebody includes your product in their blog and the opening line includes “…the very best skin products“, you know it’s a good thing.

BBM Live kindly tried our Cleaning Oil over the past month or two and we’re very happy that they’ve found it does what we wanted it to do. Cleanse, freshen and moisturise skin, particular when it’s being battered everyday by the rubbish weather we’ve been having. Thanks BBM Live !

See the post here or click the image below.

Feb 4, Marylebone Mums Blog

Marylebone Mums Blog

It doesn’t get much better in London these days than fashionable Marylebone and Marylebone Mums helps to get this city centre community together. A part of that is Sujet de Vert, a new boutique online retailer of the best organic and natural beauty products that will deliver your order to your West End door. We’re delighted to be listed with Sujet de Vert.

Marylebone Mums’ Tushna has done a super review for our Rice Bran & Borage Seed Cleansing Oil; we’re proud to say that virtually everyone who has tried it, really likes it ! Tushna has also experienced our gently cleaning oils that moisturise and sooth the skin, “… I was worried about using an oil as I can get blocked pores and congestion but the lightness of the oil has meant no issues for me.”

See the full review here or click the image below.

Feb 3, Belle About Town Cleansing Oil Feature

Belle About Town Cleansing Oil Feature

Aamina has done a pretty comprehensive review here revolving around all things face cleansing. As noted, there a many skin cleansing products that can be used these days all having their pros and cons and of course you can pay a small fortune if you want to.

Our Rice Bran & Borage Seed Cleansing Oil is noted for just the things we want it to be noted for ie. “…to clean your face and revive dry and tired skin.” It does what it’s supposed to do and while being particularly good for sensitive (often dry) skin.

We agree that the best way to use is with a cloth or cotton pad, particularly when removing make-up.

See the full review here or click on the image below.