May 10, Avocado Cleanser Review

Avocado Cleanser Review

We don’t usually post reviews from customers in this section of the website. However, we were so pleased with this one from Sharon that we felt we had to. It was very much appreciated that Sharon was so impressed with the whole product. Here we go………

Firstly it’s the packaging. I’m afraid to say iam a packaging snob. I know it shouldn’t matter but it does. This product pushes all the right buttons. Looks amazing.
Then it’s the smell. Wow. I can’t get enough of it. The cleanser it self is thick, creamy and feels great on my post menopausal sensitive skin. I use it at night to take off eye …Read More

makeup. I use the cleansing oil for my face. Takes off mascara as good as any other chemical free cleanser I’ve used. Then in the morning I use it all over my face with my sonic cleanser. My skin looks amazing. A quick wipe over with the chamomile and lavender toner and then followed by the astragalus and shisandra face cream. A great base for my makeup. Which I have to say now last all day.
Can’t recommend this range enough. So glad I found it