Aug 25, Beauty Glossips Qatar

Beauty Glossips Qatar

Now. we’re always happy when people from around the world look at what we’re doing and we were delighted when Namita from Beauty Glossips Qatar approached us a month or two ago. She’s tried our Forever Rose Pink Clay Mask and also our Chamomile & Lavender Face Toning Mist.

Loved them both, however wasn’t sure about the fragrance of the Toner. Well, this is because the primary ingredient is Chamomile and because we only use 100% unadulterated pure flower waters, the fragrance is as natural as it comes and this is just the herbal fragrance that Chamomile has. Great for your skin !

Quotes to note; “…it really does refresh and soothe your skin” and “The packaging is brilliant …” and also “The mask is really hydrating and you don’t get that stretchy feel once you wash it off…”

Thanks Namita. See the full review here.