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Aug 30, Sara Makeup !

Sara Makeup !

Reviews really don’t get much better than this for our Avocado and Green Tea Cleansing Lotion.

As the days and weeks of using it consistently the skin looks more radiant and luminous; and according to me than before (when I used another product) they are less visible redness…

Overall I thought it was a good product, very well made and as the same quality level of the components and the formula both for the elegance of the pack, even externally…

As I have written many times on several occasions, I have a very sensitive and dry skin that reddens easily so I’m quite attentive to products that use even if they always feel different.
I can definitely say that it is a product suitable for sensitive skin it is very delicate and absolutely neither burns nor on the face or eyes. Now I’ve used it a month and a half and it did not cause rashes, skin flushed, not further annoyed my face and made me itch (all effects that happen to me sometimes with some products)…

At the end of cleansing, your face remains super soft, smooth and it gently cleans the skin without damaging the least, removing impurities and the last traces of make-up remained…

See the full review here

Jul 28, Lux Awards 2017

Lux Awards 2017

Best Vegan Cosmetics Company 2017 for our Juniper & Lavender Face Toning Mist.

See here (although they did get our name wrong … we’ve asked them to change it !!:)

Jul 14, From Maria…

From Maria…

From Maria who has reviewed our Avocado & Green Tea Cleansing Lotion

It does not produce foam but leaves your skin clean and soft to the touch, really a nice feel to the touch.

It can be used daily to remove impurities and especially to remove the trick even the most persistent like foundation, eyeliner and mascara, leaving your skin clean and hydrated.

I tried to remove my lipstick and after two applications the lipstick came full way, while with other products I had to rub and wash repeatedly with the risk of irritating the skin.”

Jul 14, Letizia From Italy

Letizia From Italy

Couple of quotes directly from this great review for our Salicylic & Tea Tree Moisturising Cream :

I am using this cream with great success, a real touch for my skin! Great consistency, rapid absorption and intense, pungent scent that recalls the remarkable notes of the tea tree


Let yourself be amazed by the well-being of Rossi Uvema; A rich catalogue of cleansers, creams, oils, tonics and facial masks just waiting for you! And do not forget that you can buy your favourite products directly online“…

Thanks Letizia !

Jun 18, La Cassetta – “Super Satisfied”

La Cassetta – “Super Satisfied”

We think this says is all : “So far, I had never bought a specific flower water, thinking there was no difference with the best known bio-rose water, any other mid-range eco-brand, or with hamamelis or chamomile water.  In fact, the product Rossi Uvema is totally different since it has been formulated specifically for different skin types, and I needed a moisturizer to be used during the hot season, which was not heavy and oily as my skin tends to polish In the T zone, which made the right hydration, and that it was very easy to apply, fast and comfortable, since they are often out of the home for many hours and could not buy a product that needs rinsing or that maybe you can use it Exclusively during daily routine skin.

The effect is amazing … I love her, and already concentrating so many different products in a single 100ml vial is something fantastic.
I hate to collect bottles and bottles … and this mist is

– Toner to be applied after facial cleansing
– cleans the skin if passed on his face on a cotton swab and patted
– vaporized on the face during the day, possibly after exposure to particular climatic conditions (air conditioner, or winter heaters, or cold or hot) gives a spraying of energy and instantaneous hydration.

That’s all in one product!

I am super satisfied with my Rossi Uvema product and I’m sure I’ll be tempted by future purchases”

Jun 18, Vincenza


Vincinza took a look at some of our products and this is what she said about our Forever Rose Face Mask :
“A great natural cleansing mask designed to solve the problems of fat skin with acne or imperfections. Enriched with turmeric, a spice known for its great properties that can reduce acne and bring benefits to oily skin. Curcuma is also an excellent antioxidant capable of eliminating free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin.
Another great ingredient we find in this mask is green clay, it has a fine texture that allows us to clean it deeply. Girls I highly recommend you, this mask is really fabulous, you will see in no time really stunning results”.
Lovely stuff. Thank you !

Jun 11, The Brightoner

The Brightoner

Georgina has been using our Juniper & Lavender Face Toning Mist. She likes it with a lovely comment “it smells so lovely and just leaves a great layer of ‘glow’ over my face- what more can you want”. Couldn’t agree more Georgina; what more could anyone possibly want !   🙂

Jun 4, Mamma Sorriso

Mamma Sorriso

Another nice product review from Italy this time from Mamma Sorriso who tried our Seabuckthorn & Hyssop Face Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin and says “The person who writes you is a particularly sensitive subject, tending to redness and pruriginous symptoms in the application of unsuitable cosmetics. I can assure you that I did not have any problems after its applications, indeed I continued to buy with confidence their own products in their sensitive skin line”. Not bad ! See the full blog here

May 22, La Lista Dei Desiderii

La Lista Dei Desiderii

Another great product review, this time from one of our Italian friends that you can see here on Facebook. Here’s a quick translation :

“A very delicate face cream, designed to soothe and relieve the symptoms of fatty skin with imperfections …. the first impression is more than positive: soft texture is pleasing to skin contact and absorbs quickly. .. leaves no residue and has a pleasant scent that knows nature …
Since the first applications, my daughter has noticed an improvement: the skin appears less red, especially around the areas affected by skin inflammation … in addition to feeling a sense of freshness and clean all day long .. after a couple of Days the skin of the face has a much healthier, more homogeneous and toned appearance.
My daughter continues to use the Facial Moisturizer on Salicylic Acid and Rosemary Tree of Uvema and she is very satisfied. Every day we notice the improvements and above all we are sure to use a 100% natural, parabens and sulphate cosmetics. No plastic fillers or other synthetic chemicals used…”

Lovely stuff !

May 15, Vegetarian Living Magazine

Vegetarian Living Magazine

Great editorial in the June issue of Vegetarian Living magazine which features the whole range and focuses on our Award Winning Face Cleansing Oil.

The images here say it all, quality magazine !

Feb 22, Sugarpuffish – Oil Cleanser Review

Sugarpuffish – Oil Cleanser Review

Another great review for our Oil Cleanser. Sarah looked at one of our products earlier last year and we’re delighted she’s back. See her webpage review here  and selected highlights are : “ideal for sensitive skin …lighter oils are the perfect balance …Final verdict….really like this one“. All good with us !

Jan 20, 2MumsViews


Fantastic reviews for a number of our products from 2MumsViews which they have done as a part of the Love Lula Beauty Box program. We particularly like :

“I first tried this cream in LoveLula Beauty Box January 2016.  I loved it then and love it even more now” for our Forever Rose Moisturising face Cream.

“My skin feels more refreshed and my moisturiser absorbs better” for our Sensitive Range Skin Toner

“I absolutely love this cleansing oil. My skin feels more balanced and I have less blackheads and whiteheads” for our Borage Seed & Rice Bran Cleansing Oil.

You can see their home page here and the review page here.

Big thanks to 2MumsViews !!