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Jan 8, The Sun

The Sun

Delighted that Kim Pearson and Julia Bowden from The Sun selected our Sensitive Range Skin Cleansing Lotion for the their pre-Christmas natural beauty tips.

Julia says: “For a glowing complexion in your Christmas snaps, start by ensuring your skin is clean. Rossi Avocado & Green Tea Cleansing Lotion (£14.25, is not cheap but a little goes a very long way. It is lightweight and when your skin gets a bashing from wearing lots of make-up, it’s important to remove it pore-deep while also nourishing it. That’s what this lotion does.”

Jan 8, Greenbay


Very pleased to welcome Greenbay as a stockist of Rossi Uvema products.

Greenbay are a vegan only retailer with a new shop in West Kensington, London and you can see there website here

Dec 5, The Brigtoner

The Brigtoner

Very nice short review from Georgia in her November Round Up which you can see on The Brightoner website “I love trying new cleansers as it’s so easy to see if you like it with an instant result. This one takes makeup off really well, I much prefer it to my Simple one. It also smells like Marzipan which is a great added bonus.”

Aug 25, Beauty Glossips Qatar

Beauty Glossips Qatar

Now. we’re always happy when people from around the world look at what we’re doing and we were delighted when Namita from Beauty Glossips Qatar approached us a month or two ago. She’s tried our Forever Rose Pink Clay Mask and also our Chamomile & Lavender Face Toning Mist.

Loved them both, however wasn’t sure about the fragrance of the Toner. Well, this is because the primary ingredient is Chamomile and because we only use 100% unadulterated pure flower waters, the fragrance is as natural as it comes and this is just the herbal fragrance that Chamomile has. Great for your skin !

Quotes to note; “…it really does refresh and soothe your skin” and “The packaging is brilliant …” and also “The mask is really hydrating and you don’t get that stretchy feel once you wash it off…”

Thanks Namita. See the full review here.

Aug 25, The Bite Magazine

The Bite Magazine

Always something to be very grateful for and respectful of when a notable publication pays attention to what we’re doing at Rossi Uvema.

The Bite Magazine has included our Cocoa Butter & Grapeseed Hand & Body Lotion in its summer issue and we’re delighted. Particular quotes are “…one of the best moisturisers to apply prior to a tan…” and also “In fact, it is a great lotion that makes you feel refreshed and soothed all over, day and night“.

See the full article here.

Jul 19, Mademoiselle Nature- Forever Rose Mask

Mademoiselle Nature- Forever Rose Mask

Our Forever Rose Intense Rejuvenation Rose Mask is (if we’re honest) getting reviews which are much better than we thought we’d get … ! We seem to have done a good job of blending moisturisation with cleansing, all in a product which is pleasant to use.

Mademoiselle Nature has given a really good review in her blog which you can see here, highlights are :

“If you are like me and don’t always have time to DIY beauty, then the Pink clay mask is an excellent choice. Ready made and fuss-free, really easy to use, this skin saviour mask will do an amazing job at keeping your face purified and ultra-glowing.”

“The selection of ingredients is really clever: combining the absorbing and the remineralising effects of Pink clay with some soothing and very emolliating nut oils (Sweet Almond and Plum kernel) help the clear out without any drying factors.”

Jun 21, My Golden Glitter Corner

My Golden Glitter Corner

Another great product review from Italy, this time for our Combination Skin Tea Tree Toning Mist.

Francesca says “I love this product 🙂 It’s one of the best face tonics that I’ve ever tried!!!”, we’ll take that !

It a comprehensive review, which you can see here in Italian, a translation of a part is as follows, thanks Francesca :

What makes this company -which I must say I was very impressed with- is its 360 ° approach to nature itself, not only taking advantage of all the best that it has to offer to the welfare of our skin but also for the commitment they put in every day to safeguard it !!! It is important, in fact, to know these small businesses that offer us high quality products but do not stop to their development and marketing, but go far beyond, clapping, in their small way, against all that we have done which is unjust to this world: the continuous pollution, animal cruelty, inequality.”

Jun 8, In-spire LS Magazine

In-spire LS Magazine

We attended the Supply & Buy event last month which is basically a mini trade fair for retailers and the media. Thanks to Sasha from Inspire LS Magazine who said “My stand out brand from the entire event was Rossi, made by a husband and wife team, I was in awe of their journey and the quality of their products. I was lucky enough to be given a number of products that I will review extensively for our Beauty Essentials section“.

See their post here or by clicking the image below.

Jun 2, We Were Raised By Wolves

We Were Raised By Wolves

Great name for a website which is all authored by Evelyn, a very professional and comprehensive beauty products review destination. Evelyn is friends with one of our retail partners; in London’s West End. She tried our Forever Rose range Pink Clay mask and this is what she said :

I haven’t tried anything from this natural British brand before, but I’m a big fan of moisturising clay masks in general because you truly get the best of both worlds in one product. You not only reap the benefits of detoxing the skin, but you also put back some of the moisture that’s drawn out in the same process which is highly beneficial in keeping your skin happy and hydrated.

I love how this mask doesn’t ‘set’ on the face – you don’t get that tight / cracking feeling like you do with traditional clay masks, and this kind of formula also makes it much easier to remove afterwards without any harsh tugging or scrubbing. After using this, I could see that my blackheads on my nose were completely gone and that my skin looked visibly clearer without feeling irritated or stripped. My skin was also as smooth as a baby’s bum once I’d rinsed it off which was a nice bonus! Excellent price point, great ingredients, and a generous sized tub too – this will last you ages !”
See the full review here or click the image below.

May 24, Akviilee – The Travelling Fashionista

Akviilee – The Travelling Fashionista

Nice things said by Akviilee who has been trying our products over the past few weeks. Here’s what she said : “Most of you know that I travel a lot. So, it means that I have to spend some time at the airports, planes, trains etc. And in these kind of places my skin gets really dry. I really needed to get a moisturizer that would always and everywhere keep my skin moisturized. And I found these amazing 100% natural, vegan,  moisturizers from I actually can’t imagine my life without them anymore. They keep my skin feeling amazing throughout the whole day. Also, I love the smell of them! These moisturizers will be traveling with me everywhere this summer. I’m using them every single day. I will have to try more products from this store.”

See here website and blog here

May 24, Irma Dzinic

Irma Dzinic

We also received this from Irma who has over 20,000 followers on Instagram “Thank you @rossi_uvema for this rose scented hand and body lotion💖 I used this body lotion few weeks and my skin now looks amazing,I don’t have anymore problems with acnes or dry skin and smell is adorable🌹🌹🌹”

Very happy with feedback like this !

May 24, Shannon Parkinson

Shannon Parkinson

It’s always good when someone finds our website just by surfing around, tries one of our products and then comes back with some comments that go way beyond what would be polite ! This one from Shannon Parkinson who left this on Instagram : “Rossi’s face moisturises are incredible 😍 I received this over a month ago and have used it daily since, they have many varieties for all skin types which are all vegan🐰. I got the combination, for acne prone skin which retails for £19.95. My skin has felt great since using it & the scent is perfect 😍 thank you again Alan 😌 “
Buy at