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Feb 10, Natural Health Mother’s Day

Natural Health Mother’s Day

Our sensitive range of moisturisers and lotions is included in Natural Health magazine’s Mother’s Day feature.

Jan 13, Rambling Beauty Review

Rambling Beauty Review

Yet another great review for one of our products, this time our Condition & Balance Face Cleanser by the blogger Rambling Beauty.

Key comments to note are; “luxurious feel”, “affordable”, “…should be widely recognised” and also “…leaves your skin refreshed and hydrated”.

See the full review here

Jan 12, What Doctors Don’t Tell You

What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Another great product review, this time from the magazine “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” a journal that uncovers the hard-to-get facts about health and the causes of illness. For our Grapeseed & Cocoa Butter Lotion they said “Made with only sensitive-skin friendly ingredients and no essential oils, this light yet nourishing lotion is great for keeping dry skin at bay this winter”. See their website here



New Year and new reviews. Another great product review, this time from Sugarpuffish for our Cocoa Butter & Grapeseed Hand & Body Lotion. Sarah’s website focuses on natural beauty and natural products that help with allergy and eczema so we’re very pleased to be included. See the full review here

Dec 22, Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts

A last blog before Christmas to again support Every Mother Count (See our Facebook post here where we supported their charity event earlier this month), one of those very worthy causes that isn’t an industrial money generating machine but which is nevertheless trying to make the world a better place. See their website here

Nov 18, The Clean Oceans Project

The Clean Oceans Project

An article posted on the Facebook page of The Clean Oceans Project illustrates the variety of rubbish that’s accumulating in the world’s deep oceans and the length of time it would take to naturall decompose. See their page here

Nov 11, Rossi Pure & Clear Toner Review

Rossi Pure & Clear Toner Review

Another great review from Kathryn at ProdtestUK this time for our Clear & Bright Toner from our problem skin range. Designed to clean and clear the skin to help prevent minor breakouts and blemishes, see the full review here

Nov 7, Rossi Clear & Bright Face Cream Review

Rossi Clear & Bright Face Cream Review

Kathryn at ProdtestUK has posted a great review of our Clear & Bright Face Cream which is specially formulated for skin types that may have a few problems. See the full review here

Oct 30, Rossi Shampoo Review

Rossi Shampoo Review

We’re being talked about in Italy ! “A Makeup Lover” has posted a great review of our Hair Shampoo which you can see here :

Oct 25, Rossi Featured in Natural Health Magazine

Rossi Featured in Natural Health Magazine

Our Light & Gentle Face Cleanser is featured on page 75 of the November issue of Natural Health magazine. Formulated for Sensitive skin with only the highest quality ingredients and of course 100% natural.

Oct 23, Rossi Hair Care Reviews

Rossi Hair Care Reviews

We’re starting to get some great reviews for our products. Here’s a review from blogger Online Mummy who’s tried both our Jojoba & Coconut Shampoo and Shea Butter & Olive Conditioner. We’ve kept a simple 100% natural formulation with high quality ingredients which are great to use and they both have a beautiful natural fragrance. See the complete review here