Jun 21, My Golden Glitter Corner

My Golden Glitter Corner

Another great product review from Italy, this time for our Combination Skin Tea Tree Toning Mist.

Francesca says “I love this product 🙂 It’s one of the best face tonics that I’ve ever tried!!!”, we’ll take that !

It a comprehensive review, which you can see here in Italian, a translation of a part is as follows, thanks Francesca :

What makes this company -which I must say I was very impressed with- is its 360 ° approach to nature itself, not only taking advantage of all the best that it has to offer to the welfare of our skin but also for the commitment they put in every day to safeguard it !!! It is important, in fact, to know these small businesses that offer us high quality products but do not stop to their development and marketing, but go far beyond, clapping, in their small way, against all that we have done which is unjust to this world: the continuous pollution, animal cruelty, inequality.”